Agility Mattress Review

Therapedic has been in the mattress industry for nearly 60 years and this time, they are offering a premium hybrid bed-in-a-box mattress, namely, the Agility Bed. The Agility mattress is crafted with online shoppers in mind, aiming to give them the best night’s sleep with the convenience and advantages of online shopping.

What sets the Agility mattress apart from other online mattresses is its unique construction. The mattress is a hybrid that utilizes latex, bio-based memory foam and micro coils to give you exceptional comfort and support. These premium materials are layered so that their strengths are pronounced and their weaknesses masked and the result is a very comfortable mattress that has the hug and contouring ability of memory foam and latex and the support and bounce of springs.

Agility Mattress Ratings

Pricing4.8/5A premium hybrid mattress for this price is great value.
Motion Isolation4.8/5Mini micro coils and memory foam are great for motion isolation.
Cooling4.6/5The breathable latex and mini micro coils add breathability to the mattress for cool sleeping.
Off Gassing4.5/5New mattress smell upon opening. Goes away very fast.
Noise4.9/5Even though it has mini micro coils, noise is non-existent.
Warranty4/5Warranty terms are reasonable.
Customer Support4.8/5Very good customer support.
OVERALL4.6/5A highly rated mattress that we have no problems recommending to anyone.


  • Great value for the money – $1,099 for the queen (get it for less $100 using the coupon code HQ100)
  • Advanced design with premium materials
  • 100 night sleep trial
  • Made in the USA


  • Only one firmness level
  • Since it is a bed in a box, slight off gassing should be expected

Mattress Construction

The Agility mattress is 11 inches thick and it has a 4 layer construction. It features premium materials such as latex, bio-based memory foam and micro coils in its design.

The first layer is 1.5 inches of 5-zoned breathable latex. It provides a cool sleeping surface that does not trap heat and it is very responsive so movement is easier. It also provides extra support for the shoulder and hips.

The second layer is the mini micro coils. There are over 1,000 of these mini micro coils and they add to the responsiveness of the mattress. They also help in body contouring as well as minimizing motion transfer.

The third layer is the bio-based memory foam. This layer is 1.5 inches of memory foam and it provides added support and pressure relief. It acts as the transitional layer for the mattress.

The base layer is 6.5 inches of high density foam. This is for support and the high density foam does a good job of it. This high density foam is also very durable and adds to the overall durability of the mattress.

The design of the Agility mattress is unique and the use of the mini micro-coils is a great idea as it makes the mattress more responsive, effective in motion isolation and it also helps in the cooling, resulting in a very comfortable sleep.

All the foams used in the Agility bed are CertiPUR-US certified and the latex is OEKO-TEX certified. The mattress is made in the USA.


The price of the Agility mattress is quite reasonable, considering the design and the materials used. You can purchase a queen size for $1,099 and this is good value. You can also use our coupon code (HQ100) for a $100 discount on all sizes.

SizeDimensionsPrice ($100 discount with coupon HQ100)
Twin38” x 75”$799 $699
Twin XL38” x 80”$799 $699
Full54” x 75”$999 $899
Queen60” x 80”$1,099 $999
King76” x 80”$1,299 $1,199
Cal-King72” x 84”$1,299 $1,199


Comfort, Support and Firmness

The latex layer on top is breathable and provides a very comfortable surface to sleep on. It adds responsiveness and body contouring without the sinking effect of memory foam. The mini micro coils and the memory foam layer provide pressure relief as well as body contouring for even more comfort.

As for support, the micro coils and the memory foam, along with the base layer, work to make sure that you are sleeping in a good position wherein your spine is in proper alignment.

The firmness level of the mattress, on a scale of 1-10 where 1 is super soft and 10 is very firm, rates at around 5-6 for a medium to medium-firm level. This is good for all types of sleepers, especially those that sleep primarily on their backs or stomach.


Cooling is excellent on the Agility bed. The latex in the top layer is breathable and this neutralizes the heat trapping issue of the memory foam in the third layer. The mini micro coils also add to the breathability of the mattress so you won’t experience overheating while sleeping.

Motion Isolation

Motion isolation is not an issue due to the presence of the mini micro coils and the memory foam. They are very effective in minimizing motion so if you sleep with someone, you won’t be disturbed even if the person on the other side moves a lot.

Off Gassing

There is a faint smell once you open the box as this is a bed-in-a-box that goes through vacuum sealing. The smell, however, is not dangerous or strong and it will go away in a couple of days.


Even though the mattress has coils in its construction, noise is non-existent.


The warranty for the Agility mattress is 1 year full and 10 years limited.

For the first year, if your mattress has defects in workmanship or material, it will be replaced or repaired without costing you anything.

From then on, if there are any flaws or defects in the mattress that arises with normal use as well as unusual deterioration such as sagging or indentation greater than 1.5 inches, the mattress will either be repaired or replaced. However, the costs will be shouldered by the buyer. This includes labor, transportation and shipping costs.

You can read the full warranty here.

100 Night Trial

When you shop online for a mattress, it’s pretty much a given that it will come with a sleep trial for a certain amount of days. For the Agility mattress, the sleep trial lasts for 100 days. This is more than enough time to test the mattress and see if it is right for you.

If you don’t like it after 100 days, you can donate the mattress to a registered 501(c)(3) charity such as the Salvation army and the American National Red Cross. After donating the mattress, inform them and give them the name of the charity along with some type of proof of the donation and they will give you a refund.

While this may be an inconvenience for you, at least you are sure that the mattress is donated.

Delivery and Set-up

Shipping is free to the contiguous 48 states but unfortunately, shipping outside Continental United States is not available.

Your mattress will arrive to your doorstep within 3-10 business days. If you opt to also purchase the adjustable bed, both the mattress and the base will arrive in 14-21 business days. This includes white glove delivery and set-up.

As for setting up your mattress, it’s very easy as it comes in a box. You just have to position the mattress and cut the plastic with the provided cutter. The mattress will expand to its full size on its own.

Customer Support

Customer support has been great. Ordering the mattress was hassle free and very easy. They delivered the mattress quickly and after sales support was spot on. Communication has been good and they are very responsive to all our queries regarding the mattress.

The Verdict

The Agility by Therapedic is definitely a premium hybrid mattress that offers great value for your money. We highly recommend this mattress to anyone that wants to have a very comfortable mattress that does not sleep hot, is very responsive and offers great support.

The design of the mattress is very effective and the different materials work in harmony to provide you with a very comfortable sleeping surface that does not lack support. This mattress is also great for couples because of its responsiveness and ability to minimize transfer of motion. Responsiveness makes it easier to move around and this can be great for romantic nights and the minimal transfer of motion means that you won’t be disturbed when you are asleep, even if your partner moves around a lot. Overall, this is a great mattress and for the price, it is a bargain.